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Rebecca Claire 

Hello and welcome to my site.

If you are getting married, CONGRATULATIONS!

If you are looking for some family pictures or any other kind of imagery, HELLO to you too. 

THANK YOU for coming to view my work.

My name is of course Rebecca and I am a passionate human and photographer.

I've always been very creative and I feel so lucky to have found a career where I can travel, meet new people and take beautiful pictures.

My mission with my photography is to create art. 

I want to take real life and turn it into something you can feel and touch.

My style on the day is relaxed yet confident. I like to watch what happens, as well as get involved when needed. 

I know what I want to capture from your day/shoot and I will do what it takes to provide an image gallery for you to enjoy and use forever more.

Please do feel free to have a look at my work and get in touch to ask any questions you may have.

Much love, 



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