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The wedding Collection

By Rebecca Claire


Join me on this exciting mission to create beautiful art. Here you will

find some of my favourite hand made presets that you can use to add

that extra bit of magic to your images.

In this collection you will find over 12 beautiful designs. They cover

day, night, indoors, outside, warm and cool. Nearly everything you

need when capturing a wedding.

I hope these presets help you as much as they help me :)

Much Love, 

Rebecca Claire

The Wedding Collection

Cheering the Bride


Adobe Lightroom 4 or higher.

Presets designed with RAW files in mind :)

Collection Includes


Classic Day 1

Classic Day 2

(+Bonus Classic Day 3)

Black & White

Black & White 2

Inside Church

(+Bonus In Church 2)

Richer Tones

Pinkie Malinkie

Getting Ready

(+Bonus Getting Ready 2 - Perfect for darker indoor pictures)

​Low Sun​

Vintage Sun

Sparkler Cool

Sparkler Warm



Once you have purchsed the collection you

will receive an email with a link to your

download zip file.

A little note..

These presets have been designed to bring more beauty and ease to your workflow.

The names I have given them are just a point of reference and you may find that a 'day time' one works very well inside a church and the 'vintage sun' actually works great in the day time.

Depending on the lighting of your image they will all work slightly differently.

The only ones which arn't really interchangable are the 'Sparkler Cool' and the 'Inside Church' due to the white balance. Other than that, the rest of them 'could' work on most pictures depending on what style you're going for <3


As with all presets a further loving touch to your image will usually be required once you have applied it. Think of your preset as a solid base from which to edit from.

One of the easiest ways to get your desired look after applying the preset is to move your exposure tab 'up' or 'down'.

Due to the nature of this product no refund will be given if you're not happy, however I will always try to answer any questions you may have :) 

*Please remember that a preset is not a magic wand and cannot turn every image into a perfect one <3

Rebecca Claire



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